Tutorail: Out of this World Landscapes

Why bother being stuck on earth with your artwork, and why stick 
with the green grass and blue sky if we are going to look at 
another world.  There has been scientific research indicating 
that if  the star a planet is orbiting isn't yellow the grass 
probably won't be green.  So for the sake of this turorail the 
rule book on what color goes where the color goes in a Landscape 
is here-by ordered thrown out the window until further notice.

Now it would be more realistic of the water was the same color as 
the sky, but since the rule book is out the window feel free to 
make the sky yellow and the water green.  And yes the snow on the 
mountain tops would be more beleiveable if it's white, but since 
the rule book is out the window yes you can use a purple mountain 
with blue snow.  Have fun with those colors, hey who said all 
the grass is one color anyway.

For this tutorail we'll be doing a simple alein medow (no 
mountains, just grass and a sky)

You will need:

graphics Software (I use gimp)


tableet and Stylus (optional but recommended)

your own creativity

1. Open a new file with the background size you want.  For this 
   there aren't any actaul size restrictions but keep in mind 
   it's easier to make a bigger images smaller than a small image 

2. Next ad a new layer, you can either put an outline in this 
   layer of where you want the horizine to be (make sure it's not 
   just flat, give it some ups and downs) and ad a new blank 
   layer after that, or you can leave it blank and skip to your 
   next step

3. Now once you are done with the last step make sure that you 
   have you new blank layer selected, you are now going to make 
   your sky and grass.  You can either make your sky fill it in 
   with a color you like, then add some clouds, you an experiment 
   with using different colors nobody said it has to be soild

4. Now either on a new blank layer that is infront of your sky, 
   or on part of the same layer its time to ad the grass.  Pick 
   a new color and select the paint brush tool, if you are using 
   gimp you will want to use a Calligraphic brush, make sure you 
   apply the jitter, I've had success using anything from a 
   jitter setting of 5.0 to 50.0, you'll have to experiment with 
   that, and if you've created an outline now is a good time to 
   select the areas you want filled with grass, then just paint 
   in the grass

5. Since there is no law that says the grass on another planet is
   all the same color you feel free to pick another color and 
   continue the process of painting in the grass

6. If you didn't have an area selected you might have to come 
   back and clean up some of the grass that is up in the air, 
   or ended up a going a bit higher than you intended, just use 
   the eraser tool on that

7. This next step is optional but it can be a clincher, on a new 
   layer ad some alein planets.  If you don't know how else to make
   a planet make a circular selection, then fill it in with a 
   gradint, whatever color you want to black will produce the 
   shadow.  Then make sure the layer with that other planet on it 
   is below the layer full of grass if there is any overlap, then 
   and make sure the planet is up in the sky.  You can make more 
   than one planet if you like.

8. Enjoy your artwork because you have now created a simpe picture 
   of an alein landscape

This is one of the simplist kinds of landscapes (on or off earth) 
a person can do to learn, feel free to experiment you might be 
plesently surprised at what you come up with.
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