Sybmolism of Black

Continuing the series of articles about color, and it's symbolism in artwork, it's healing effects, and what your reaction to it might tell you about your personality. To kick off this series of articles about colors we'll be starting with the rather ironic choice of BLACK...

The mysterious color of power, fear, evil, negativity, remorse, sadness, anonymity, depth, style, and formality. In western cultures the color of death. In reality black is in fact the absence of all color. Black might be described as a color of, everything and nothing at the same time.

People who like black might like the appearance of mystery, and could be both impressive and dignified without being showy. A preference for black might indicate an inner longing, and hidden depths, as well as the suppression of worldly aims and desires.

Fear of the unknown, or abuse of power can lead to dislike of black. People who desire to 'throw off the shackles”, and seek to be free of all types of hindrances and dependency can also find black to be a distasteful color.

If what you want in your life is more mystery, or to be more inconspicuous then a little more black is just the thing to use.

This is only one of a series of articles on the subject of color. There will be more articles about other colors in the future.

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