Symbolism of Your Color Palette

There is a great deal of symbolism within artwork. Some of those symbols might well mean different things to different artists. Some artists might consider the symbolism of color to be unimportant compared to the symbolism of a shape, a texture, or some other aspect of a picture. Some artists prefer to work without color, other artists would never want to work without color.

Within artwork something as simple as changing the color of the land, or the sky an artist can transform a landscape on this world into the landscape of another world. Nothing more than changing the color of a the skin of a picture of a person can change a human into a humanoid alien. In some pictures it can be entire difference between gold, silver, and bronze. Within artwork colorful has a very powerful role to play, a role that should never be underestimated.

Color is light reflected off of an object and into your eyes at a wave length. But what is of interest here is what kind of stimulating effect that might have on the human brain. The color you choose to put to use in your artwork can both reflect and alter your state of mind.

While I will admit that there is more to it than just simple symbolism with in your artwork. This subject is related to fields ranging from quantum physics to Nero-biology to psychology to new age spiritual schools of thought to alternative medicine all dealing with how the use of color in all parts of our lives (including our artwork) effects us, our brains, our minds, our moods, everything. There are entire books and websites devoted to the subject.

Being creative can have healing effects on a person. In addition to being symbolic what colors you choose to have in your artwork, and your life can be a healing influence within your life. Your favorite, as well as your least favorite color, in your artwork, in your wardrobe, in your decorative choices can also tell you something about your personality.

What might be more surprising to find out is that the subconscious mind can guide you toward and away from colors you need to have or avoid in your life, including your artwork. Finding out more about why you are drawn to or repelled from using certain colors in your artwork (and the rest of your life) can tell you something about yourself.

Since there are entire books and websites devoted to this subject it's a reasonable assumption that I can't do justice to this in only one article. So this is only the first of several short articles on the of the subject of color, and it's symbolism in your artwork, and your life.
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