Sybmolism of Purple

Continuing the series of articles about color, and it's symbolism in artwork, it's healing effects, and what your reaction to it might tell you about your personality. This article will be an overview of my personal favorite, PURPLE...

Often worn to symbolize royalty and wealth, purple has strong links to creativity, and spirituality, wisdom and enlightenment, cruelty and arrogance, as well as transformation. Purple is also closely related with imagination and inspiration, mixing the practicality of red with the expansiveness of blue. Some people also associate purple with psychic abilities, and it is said that some of the great artists in history each had regular exposure to purple in their lives.

Who enjoy purple can be described as loners or shy, witty individuals, with creative, artistic and unique, even eccentric. People who like purple can be temperamental, unpredictable, unconventional, and dignified. Some might also suggest that people who like purple may be sensitive.

People who have difficulty with fantasies, dreams, or have a serious attitude towards life prefer to avoid purple. People who dislike the color purple may tend to reject everything they see as unnatural or unrealistic.

Increasing the purple in your life can lead you to be more creative and imaginative. Purple can also help a person seeking calm from anxiety or to energize from depression by soothing mental and emotional stress. Anyone looking to decrease sensitivity to pain, boost their immune system, heal from alcohol addiction, hysteria, or delusions, compulsive eating, and help with detox in general, slow an overactive heart or decrease sexual activity.

A word of cation however, to much purple without properly channeling ones creative energy can lead a person to become depressed or sick, purple is a color that should be avoided by anyone who has neither the creative outlet nor the intention of having one. I have personally experienced a small amounts of this within my own life during times in which I was to tired or busy for any creative actives. It is also not recommended for people who are clinically depressed.

This is only one of a series of articles on the subject of color. There will be more articles about other colors in the future.

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