The Artists Favorite Supplies

Every artist has their favorite supplies.  It's an important part of what makes the artwork 
possible for them.  So here's a list of my favorite supplies.

Sketch book-
Some drawings call for a hand drawn component that I have done before in my sketch 
books.  Other times I have found that drawing things the old fashioned way will allow 
for some me to create effects when combined with the a couple of filters from a graphics 
program that I just can't get any other way.  And occasionally and old sketchbook will 
have a picture that with a few minor tweaks or using a couple of filters on it will do 

Colored pencils-
Sometimes I ad the color only after I scan an uncolored image into the computer.  Some 
times I'll ad the color before hand not always knowing that I will scan that image into 
the computer.  Using colored pencils is one of my favorite ways to ad the some color to 
a hand drawn picture.

Colored pens-
There are occasions in which I want to ad the color to a picture before scanning it and 
colored pencils will create some types of effects, but I am actually aiming for something 
different.  And some times hand drawn pictures are something I don't expect to be using at 
all but I still want to have some fun with them, adding a little color.  Colored pens are my 
other favorite for that.

To make an initial out line of a picture.

Black pens-
When I am make a picture that I input into the computer I always have to ink it in using some 
black pens.  I tend to use several different sizes to trace the outline of a shape.  This is a 
very important step for any hand draw picture that is being used as a black and white images for 
the outline.

Every digital artist needs their digital canvas, that is what the computer is for.

When using a hand drawn picture to create a digital picture it has to get into the computer 
some how, so scanning an image from a sketchbook, or even an old photo taken from a film camera 
takes a scanner to input into the computer.

Digital Camera-
Put simply every so often I work from a photograph, and I like to use a digital camera 
to take those photos.  While I do use older photos taken with a film camera every so 
often I prefer a photo taken with a digital camera where possible.  Of course some pictures 
that I use were taken before digital cameras were common, let alone before I had access to one.

Graphics tablet and stylus-
Some times when I draw something using the mouse just won't do the trick.  I 
have to be able to draw on the computer a lot like I would for a sketchbook, anything 
that includes some tracing of a hand draw component or a photograph, and every time I 
get to a stage where I am adding any level of shading.  Almost all of my digital art work draws 
on the the same skills that I use to draw a picture on paper.  To allow for that I use a tablet 
and stylus instead of a mouse.  Without this tool it's safe to say that the mass 
majority of my DIGITAL artwork would not exist.

Open source software-
When it comes to software you have 3 options.  The first is to pay a 
small fortune for software that may not be what you had hoped for.  The second is to use 
what came with your computer, which for me means not even being able to do any of 
the pictures you see posted on my site because put simply it's far to limited.  I choose 
option three, download an open source graphics program.  The graphics program I work with 
is comparable to most if not all programs that might cost hundreds of dollars without the massive 
cost.  In fact my every piece of software I have on my computer (except for a couple of games) 
either came with the computer, is involved in the security of the computer, or is an open source 

The creativity from within-
Every artists goes through a time when no matter what other supplies they have around 
them, even if they sit down with those supplies all surrounding them they just can't 
create.  Others times leaving home for even a few hours without a sketchbook is just 
unbearable.  There are days when I have to use special music to jump start my creativity, 
there are days when I can't stand not to be working on my half way done art project when I 
am busy with something else.  Creativity can not be taught, without my creativity my artwork 
would not be possible.  So if you want to learn to do anything in the arts the most important 
art supply of all can't be bought taught, neither can it be taken from you forever, it is the 
creativity locked within yourself.

Over the years I have dabbled with many different mediums.  For me no set of supplies has allowed 
me to be more creative, and have more fun, and to remain so passionate about my own artwork than 
the supplies listed above.
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