Creativity and Creative Blockage

Every person in the world is creative, the only question is are you suffering from creative blocks that prevent your creativity from flowing or is does your creativity show? It doesn't take creative genius or even all that much sanity to be a creative person. People who are creative aren't just artists, a designing a web page is an expression of creativity, the person who is designing a video game is creative, the person who invents creativity is prerequisite for pursing inventing. In fact any field of work you can think of somebody has to be creative somewhere in that field.

Creative blockage are pretty hard to handle when you've got to use your creativity in even just one aspect your job. Even just in a creative hobby a creative block can be very disruptive. There are even some schools of thought that go as far as to suggest that if your life that isn't progressing as you feel it should that is a show of a creative blockage.

So here's the better question what can you do about it? I can't tell you what to do about feeling unoriginal, or feeling uninspired, but here are some things you can do to jump start creative action. I can say that they work because I've used them.

Here's an easy start place to start. Some people will never make creative things a priority. The simplest place to start is to take a good look at your priorities. It's very easy to find time for everything but being creative. This isn't surprising the schools tend to make creativity something that are squashed in the schools. Even some of my art teachers ironically enough seemed like they were unteaching me creativity, that's right the art teachers.

The first solution: Set aside some time for your creative work, give yourself a quota even if it's small, and anyone from the multitasking generation when you are watching TV sit down with your art supplies within reach. Your probably spending a certain amount of time in front of the TV what's wrong doing your creative work on the commercials or in some of the re-runs of an old episode?

Anyone who has a professional interest in creativity obviously would feel the pressure to make sure that they're creative work is top quality. Of course some days you look at your work and can't stop thinking that it's not good enough. Everyone says drop your standards. Their right, if you can might find than get your creative juices started again. Sometimes once I get the creative juices flowing I often will keep at it for hours on end, forgetting to eat, drink, sleep if it would take that long. The picture that you look at and think what a waste might be the picture that gets gives you the momentum to draw the picture that you really wanted.

The bottom line: whoever said to drop your standards to jolt your creativity was right

Creativity takes energy, make sure that you have gotten a good nights sleep, and a filling meal. It's hard to be creative when you feel like your to tired to do anything. Some people suggest to avoid the junk food, but all I eat is what people call junk food, so I can't vouch for that one. Creativity starts in the brain it needs to be working, if your sleep isn't refreshing find out why and fix the problem if your sleep deprived or your not getting enough oxygen when you sleep lack of creativity is the least of what you need to worry about.

So lets say you've done all of these things and your still not able really get your creativity going. Sometimes there's an emotional issue that's holding you back. Some of these can be slept off, other times whatever is there needs to be let out. A writer might need to write about what's going on in their mind, and artist needs to draw about it. I've actually had times when I was just feeling so heavily blocked and I started to draw a picture illustrating a great deal of pain that I was feeling. I had wanted so badly to keep this out of my sketch book but finally I didn't just draw about it I deliberately started to pay close attention to the pain itself, I wondered how I wasn't on pain killers as I was doing this. I took over an hour to draw a representation of the pain I was feeling so strongly in my body. As I stopped censoring myself I suddenly found myself producing one of my better drawings. A few days later as bad as all that pain was I realized I had gotten temporary relief from some of this agony.

The point: Stop censoring yourself, you might be surprised, let whatever you are just determined not to write, or draw, or paint, or sing, or dance, or (insert your creative activity of choice here) out into your creative work. Don't be afraid to say maybe this is something that just needs to be for myself and nobody else. Some pictures really shouldn't be sold, some stories don't need to be published, create it first and ask if anyone else should see it later.

Some creative blocks are temporary others are chronic. I've suffered both. There several different type of creative blocks, and it's normal for a persons subconscious mind to be where these blocks are hiding. For dealing with long term creative blocks, and help preventing creative blocks I recommend using mind control on yourself. Yes I did just say mind control.

Some important advice: Search how to create subliminal messages and you'll find a lot of information. I also recommend looking into the basics of affirmations and NLP before you even start (otherwise you may do more harm than good), but you can find enough online to get started. I should also point out that since the subconscious mind holds far more power than your conscious mind ever will over you I have to advise make these messages yourself because if you buy them professionally you have no way of verifying what was or was not put into these messages (short of running them through some type of audio forensics program) if they were well made.

Some suggest that subliminal messages will create real results, some say it's a placebo effect. I say when dealing with the subconscious mind the placebo effect is just as real as a reprogramming. But your subconscious is yours so make sure that the only one who you are using it is yourself, the only person who is placing the control in your mind is you, and that when dealing with mind control you have a basic understanding of how to use.

When all else fails use brainwave audio. Some years ago creative blockage was the least of my worries so I started seeking some answers to some questions that I had been certain I would never ask. My area of interest was dealing with the subconscious mind, and the human brain. I've always found the human brain somewhat interesting for personal reasons that I'd rather not share. So among the many things I stumbled upon was the brainwave of creativity itself. That's right the BRAINWAVE OF CREATIVITY ITSELF. Occasionally when I have had a situation, I've done everything else listed but I just can't seem to get anywhere I use brainwave audio to help me get my creativity going. I tend to use this as a last resort, but when I'm out of options it has yet to fail.

Look up:isochronic tones for creativity. There are many places that sell isochronic tones online. Listen to the audio of the creativity brainwave on headphones while doing your creative activity and you might be just simple amazed. It's easy, non-addictive, in fact it's exactly the opposite of addictive because it's teaching your brain to enter these states on it's own, and it's about as risky as listening to your favorite music. Make sure before use you also look up the benefits and risks. When dealing with the brain I can't stress how important it is to make your own well informed choices. It's your brain you have to be sure. Like you might, I realized that while I can handle some frequencies easily others are very unpleasant for me to use at all. You'll have to determine what works for you.

There are plenty of people who will suggest other methods that a person can use to help unblock their creativity throughout the internet. I can't vouch for some of these other methods, these are just methods that I personally have used in order to help boost my creativity. These suggestions might get you doing creative work.
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