I have many different ways I make digital artwork out of a given picture.  Some of 
them are simple, others are a little more complicated.  All of them feel a lot simpler 
when they are being worked on in the moment than they are while being written about later.

So here's one of the simpler ways to create a fun picture.

You will need:

a digital photo or a photo that has been uploaded into your computer

graphics software (I use gimp)


your own creativity

1. Open a file and paste the photo into it, then create a new layer for the picture 
   you just pasted into the file.

2. Create a new layer, so you have background layer, the pasted layer above that, and then 
   the that you'll be coloring in above that.

3. Next select the paths tool and the pasted layer.  Use it to create a an outline if you only 
   want a person, item, or animal within the photo rather than the whole photo.  Select the top 
   layer and then stroke path with the same color you will be using for the background.

4. Fill in the background with your chosen color (something that will be a strong contrast to 
   the colors you are using is what recommended) 

5. Select the layer with the photo in it, then use the, select by color tool if you want all the 
   colors to remain the same, you can also use the fuzzy select tool.

6. Select the layer you will be coloring in and unselect outside the outline by using the fuzzy 
   select tool and click + ctrl outside the outline.

7. Select a fun color, and fill them in, the bucket fill, air brush, paint brush, and pencil 
   tools would all be effective

8. repeat steps 5  7 until you are satisfied with your work

9. make the layer with the photo in it invisible and save

10. enjoy the picture you've made

This is one of my favorite techniques, but it's by no means my only one.  I hope you have as 
much fun with it as I do.
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