What My Space Creatures Really Are

I've been pretty reluctant to discuss the reality of what it was that I was drawing a picture of in written form. I'm an artist not a writer, when I draw a picture I generally consider providing a written interpretation an unnecessary waste of time, I also believe that people misinterpretations of my artwork say more about them than they do about my artwork. That being said there are events that may be unfolding in the foreseeable future that I believed warranted making an exception for an ongoing series of pictures.

It wasn't until several months after I started experimenting with this style of picture that I started to realize just what was going through my subconscious mind during the creative process. Until my conscious mind caught up with my subconscious what thoughts were bleeding through into my artwork my conscious mind was under the impression that I was just having a bit of fun with a style of picture I'd never created before and creating an aesthetically appealing result.

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Some of the space creatures displayed so far, to see more check the gallery pages

The first time I saw a rendition of an atom, all I could think about what how much it looks like a solar system. Crazy right? The orbits of electrons are very different from the orbit of the planets around the solar system...just ask anyone who's studied quantum physics. Still the visual similarity is so striking, maybe more than I could ignore as an artist.

I've heard people say, what if the universe is something along the lines of a small area of a much larger creature. We are just living on the electron in one atom. Granted most of the people I've heard saying this we're either children, or crazy, and I've dismissed the thought myself. Still to this day don't subscribe to it despite that fact that for that last several years I've been questioning a lot of things that up until that point in my life I'd believed were simply unquestionable. The questions I was asking in at the start were about humanities true capacities, if perhaps myself and all of humanity had been mislead about these capacities. I would have asked why but given some of the things I was already involved in and observing regularly it didn't take much to realize I already had the answers, I just hadn't asked the questions before.

Of course I didn't know where all these questions would lead me at the time, and in truth I'm not so sure I won't wake up a year or two from now and realize I'm contemplating things I wasn't even ready to consider right now. If I hadn't started asking these questions I would have never known what these images of space creatures really are even if I had drawn them, and I might never even have drawn them. In fact I until very recently I didn't consciously remember about the atom and the solar system being so similar in some aspects of their appearance.

Both animals and outer-space hold a special place in my heart and that did influence my choose of content. Even if I were ready to be done questioning the nature of reality I don't think I'll ever be done creating these space creatures after all who needs to better reason than it's fun to create a work of art, so expect to see many more space creatures going on into the future.
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