Everyone can be creative, some people are blocked, others have their 
full creativity firing on all cylinders all the time.  So how creative 
are you?  Take this short quiz and find out.
1. Do you consider yourself a creative person?
A. Yes
B. No
2. When you are shopping for something and the stores you can't find the item you really want you?
A. Make what you really want
B. Settle for what's in stock or just not bother
3. You sit down with a piece of blank paper and a pen...
A. You start writing, or drawing, or folding the paper into an origami item
B. You wonder why you have this piece of paper in front of you
4. You have a problem, one bad option, and one worse option are your only ways to solve it which option do you pick?
A. You pick the third option, DUH!
B. If it's between bad and worse everyone knows you go with bad
5. Are you an original thinker or is your imagination just left gathering dust in a closet?
A. I have plenty of original thought and never leave home without my imagination
B. Original thought, imagination what's that?
give yourself 1 point of each A
give yourself zero points for each B
0-1 points = your creativity is blocked
2-3 points = you've got some creative potential showing itself
4-5 points = you're pretty creative keep at it
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