Artistic Intergity at the Moment of Truth

Artistis have many can have many missions with their creativity in life, to make people think, to bring more beatuy to the world, to stimulate the imagination. Artists have an a very important power, one that can change and shape the world, the power to create. Songs, pictures, writings, sculptures, and the mordern day animation, and mulitimedia, these are among the means artist have to use their creative powers.

Artists are a very powerful group, as a matter of fact artists are probably the only group with the power to truly influence many of my peers. Many of us many not realize just how much power we have, the movies, the music, TV shows, even just the average still picture holds more power to influence and preserve history that it's impossible to begain to communicate the extent of that power in words. Artwork our second voice, a voice more powerful than our first voice ever could have been.

To use one's voice to comprimise one's personal intergity is to defeat the purpose of one's ablity to communicate, the old story of the boy who cried wolf ended with the boy getting eaten by the very wolf he lied about for a reason. One's artwork is a second voice, whatever an artist might use it to express, imgainative thoughts and ideas, renditions of current events, taken to the extreme artist have to bring their creations to life (or at nearly to life), a power that should never be taken lightly.

I right this at a moment when the world as at a crossroads, a moment when being willing to tell the truth with both one's first voice and one's second voice is more important that ever. Artists have the power to show the truth in ways that can only be denied by means of distorying the second voice, and I know from experince that the a persons second voice is much harder to silence than their first, nearly impossible by comparision.

Telling the truth with your artwork means people will not only misinterpret your artwork (which will probably happen to every artist at least once), some will even misinterpret on purpose because they are afraid of the truth. Telling the truth with your art means some people will hate and be ofended by your artwork. Telling the truth with your artwork means that the those who will be hurt by the truth will seek to surpress and distory your artwork.

The day to fear as an artist was never the day that telling the truth is a dangerous game, the day to fear is the day that you are not willing to use your creative powers to stand up and tell the truth because that is the day you will have proven unworthy of your creative powers. Even if you will not show your artwork publicly even if the artwork is something you will never allow anyone to see so long as you live, create it in intergity because some day that artwork may prove to be invalueable as a preserved part of history.
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