I have been drawing longer than I can remember. Through out my childhood anyone who looked at my school work would find plenty of drawings all over my worksheets, my homework, pretty much any piece of paper that I could put to use for a drawing.

I have occasionally referred to my drawings as my second voice. It was the voice I would use where every other method of communication would fail. By drawing what is in my heart, my mind, or what I observe was able to speak even when I was at a loss of words. Over the years I've had enough difficulties communicating with others that there are several points in my life during which the pictures I've draw would have more meaning to me than any words I have ever spoken or written.

Through out middle and high school I took numerous drawing classes, as well as some computer graphics courses while I was in high school. I never thought it was needed to pursue any further training after high school for the arts.

There was a period of time for a couple of years after high school during which I had largely stopped drawing because an art class I had taken my senior year had shaken my confidence as an artist. It wasn't until more recently I really picked up my sketch books and started to fill them again.

Eventually I started to make use of my hand drawn pictures (some of of which date back to 2003) within my computer graphics projects. Today, my artwork is mostly digital utilizing hand drawn components pictures, or photographs as my starting point, with a smaller number of pictures use no hand drawn or photographic components.

When I was younger I considered becoming an artist briefly and was strongly discouraged from pursuing art as anything more than hobby, even in good times when people had money to splurge. Since times turned hard very soon after I was finished with high school and I knew already I did not belong in college I sought work for several years with very little luck. That's what eventually drove me to start my own business, pursing the one part of the American dream I always thought wasn't for me.

With passion for computers (and computer programing and web-design in particular) as well as the arts at the age of 22 I finally launched espdigiart.com. A site displaying my artwork for the world to see and enjoy. And only first of many dreams this ambitious artist was able to bring to life.

A work of art from the pictures themselves being displayed to the coding of the website itself.
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