Independence Day Celebrating Freedom, Creativity, and the USA

For me the big holiday of the year is independence day, today on is about 
is celebrating the United States of America, and all our freedom including 
freedom of speech.

For any artist, for any innovator, for anyone who is creative in the least, 
for anyone who wants to unblock your creativity it is incumbent on all of 
us to recognize the importance of freedom of speech, freedom of ideas, 
freedom of action, and freedom in all it's forms.   These freedoms are 
part of what makes every kind of creativity possible.  In fact liberty, 
and the creativity that was free to spring it is an important part of what 
makes the greatest country on earth just that the greatest country on earth.
Artist using their second voice in many forms today, and undoubtedly many more forms in the 
future would find that without freedom of speech much of their work would not be possible.  
Innovators thanks to freedom of thought, freedom of ideas, and freedom of action allowing the 
to pursue those ideas are able to invent their way around any problem there is.  The freedom 
that we all know, love and are luck enough to take for granted is a big part of what allows 
everyone to have the best quality of life on earth.
The artists who a free to create and sell their artwork as one of many 
private industries help to bring as much beauty and color into our 
lives as we can afford.  Innovators allow we the people of the United 
States to make our goods and services as well as our methods for 
creating, delivering, buying, and finding the goods and services both 
the ones we need and love forever higher quality and more efficient.  
We can thank independent and creativity thought for saving lives 
in wars, and in peace, both at home and aboard.

Freedom allowed creativity to exist and capitalism gave people the 
incentive to be creative.  Because we are free to make our own lives, 
and the lives of those we care about better for being creative.  
Freedom and capitalism together are the perfect conditions to 
give rise to a society that is among the most creative and 
innovative in the world. 
Above: rendtion of high taxs
It's impossible to love true creativity and the independence of thought and action that is required 
for true creativity without loving capitalism and all the liberty's that the United States is founded upon.

As you watch the fireworks, show your red white and blue, and enjoy your Independence Day I ask you to 
remember that the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth because capitalism, freedom, 
and creativity have allowed we the people to make United States of America the place it is today, and 
will be what allows us to make it an even better place in the future.
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