Sybmolism of Turquoise

Continuing the series of articles about color, and it's symbolism in artwork, it's healing effects, and what your reaction to it might tell you about your personality. The color that this article is all about is my 2nd favorite color, TURQUOISE...

Among what turquoises can symbolizes is calm, intellectual and intuitive insights, youth, and communication, originality, invention, innovation, and technique, humanity and brotherhood.

People who like turquoise are sometimes described as complex, imaginative, and original. These people prefer not to be restricted and don't always show their true emotions.

A person with an aversion to turquoise may reluctant to think originally, and seeking security and solidity within society or marriage.

Turquoise is a good color to have if you are seeking to increase their sensitivity and intuition and relax sensations of stress. Turquoise is said to help build skin, boost the immune system, and foster communication, peace and relaxation.

This is only one of a series of articles on the subject of color. There will be more articles about other colors in the future.

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