The Shop is Open

After a lot of recent consideration I am thrilled to present ESP DIGI ART SHOP. I've only just started this shop so there will be new products added in the future. I won't be using every picture I post on my website, but I will be using some of my personal favorites, if there is a picture you wish I would use on some of my products that I am not currently using you can make a request on my business facebook page.

I won't make any guarantees as to what I will do with that information, but I'd love your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. I hope you find something you can enjoy.

I've been batting around the question of how best to sell my artwork for several months now. I love drawing, and doing digital artwork. I can't tell you how much fun I have once I sit down and get started I sometimes have trouble stopping. Being creative is something that is so much fun, and feels so natural to me that when ever I go for an extended period of time without drawing be it over a time crunch, or a creative block, I can't help but notice just how unnatural it feels not to have been drawing for such a long period of time.

I hope that my artwork can bring as much joy to you as it has brought to me.
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