Sybmolism of Red

Continuing my series of articles about color, and it's symbolism in aartwork, it's healing effects, and what your reaction to it might tell you about your personality. This article deals with the color RED...

The color of blood, survival, vitality, energy, power, strength, fire, anger, passion, danger, war, violence, aggression, bravery, and in some schools of thought even love. Red is considered the warmest of all colors.

If your favorite color is red than you might be outgoing, vigorous and impulsive would like to be. You chances are you also like to be in a position to attract a lot of attention. You might be ambitious, and could be impatient. You might also be optimistic and very energetic. Painting a room red can give it a cheery feeling.

Ironically if you posses these same qualities (maybe even to much of these qualities) you might well have a aversion red. If you have an aversion to red it may also be a symptom of rejection of your own assertiveness or deeply hidden fears.

Red can give a person the energy and confidence to take action to go after their dreams, and is a good color to wear when you want to feel protected from your own anxieties. If your body is feeling stiff, or tired this could be a good time to introduce some red into your life. Red can stimulate adrenalin in the blood stream and cause hemoglobin to multiply, thus increasing strength and warmth. Anyone who is interested in healing with color might recommend red for treating blood-related conditions, feeling depressed or lethargic, and to reduce pain that comes from being cold. Red can also help excite sexual passion.

A person who has to much red in their life can find themselves becoming very aggressive, agitated. To much red can also lead to destructive behavior. Red is a color that is better avoided for people who have a nervous disposition or heart problems.

This is only one of a series of articles on the subject of color. There will be more articles about other colors in the future.

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