Reasons to do Creative Activities

Some people might wonder why they should do anything creative.  Since
humanity is lazy by nature, and it is also creative by nature here 
are some good reasons for you to take the time and energy to get 
creative right now:

1. It's fun

2. It's a great way to boost your brain power

3. It's a good way to kill some time

4. It's a simple way to boost your confidence

5. It's theariputic

6. When you are done you will have something that can help you show off 
   your individuality

7. Learning how to enter the creative state of mind is really helpful 
   when you need to solve a problem

8. Even if the rest of your life is out of control using your creativity 
   allows you to influence and control at least a piece of it

9. It's a good way to cause yourself to have more orginal and independent 

10. Doing something creative can result you learn a new skill, or improve 
	an existing one in the process
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