Sybmolism of Pink

Continuing the series of articles about color, and it's symbolism in artwork, it's healing effects, and what your reaction to it might tell you about your personality. The color articles taking a closer look at is PINK...

Pink is regarded as a rather famine color. Pink might also be consider the color of emotional healing, emotional love, friendship, caring, nurturing, peace, softness, tenderness, and acceptance. Pink has has the traits of soft red, love and affection without passion.

Women who favor pink might tend to be maternal. Favoring pink might be indicative of wanting a special treatment and a sheltered life, with a need for affection, liking to feel loved and secure and wanting to appear delicate and fragile, with a certain softness and kindness.

Anyone who finds pink offensive might have difficulty expressing their tender, soft, female side.

A great time to consider more pink in your life is if you want to relax, calm your feelings, or seek to feel contentment and acceptance. Pink can help a person get in touch with their feelings, heal grief and sadness, and help restore youthfulness. Promoting order, self-worth, love can all be achieved with exposure to pink.

This is only one of a series of articles on the subject of color. There will be more articles about other colors in the future.

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