Creative Outlets

Being creative can help a person do a lot of things, from increasing their brain power, to having 
fun, to helping a person heal having a creative outlet has more benefits than you can shake a stick 
at.  Not every creative outlet works for every person creativity isn't just for artists, and 
innovators (although those are 2 groups of creative people right there) so here are a list of some 
creative outlets that a person can pursue maybe even things that wouldn't be the first to come 
to mind.

	- Drawing
	- Knitting
	- Sewing 

	- Ceramics
	- Designing and programing computer and phone apps
	- Designing and programing video games
	- Writing
	- Singing

	- Playing a musical interment

	- Painting

	- Designing websites

	- Woodworking

	- Metal crafting
	- Acting
	- Dancing
	- Doing a collage
	- Telling an original story
	- Animation and other forms of video production
	- Sculpting
	- Inventing
	- Decorating something 
	- Doing exorcises involving outside the box thinking
	- Photography
	- Cooking
	- Beading
	- Jewelery making
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