A New Century

There was an irony when technology was evolving toward the level where people being more and more independent even to a point that we have not been since our species were hunter gathers, only this time with a much more comfortable life, that forces of evil would seek to push humanity into precisely the opposite direction.

Technology, such as computers and the internet has enabled people more and more to work, and learn, and do all kinds of things remotely from others. Cars, and advancements in transportation technology have enabled people to travel further and faster than every before. 3D printers didn't start out this way but over the course of many many years on into the 22nd century they replaced most kinds of manufacturing, eventually were able to fabricate food. Wireless technology, enabled remote access from more places, and data bases of the patterns for whatever a person might need can be stored in a computer the size of a early 21st century lap top...or even smaller. Most everything a person needs is right there. Portable, and with the virtue that a person need never interact with even another persons technology once they are set up sufficiently.

The step beyond that dealt with touching the atomic level and constructing items from there up. Purification of water, creation anything out of almost anything else. All the luxury of most anything and everything anywhere a person can go. Methods of generating power that in the early 21st century had yet to be developed gave people the ability to create cost effective home power grids. Those who choose to connect to an external grid did so as a back up to their home grid, and to sell the excess power they generated but could not use or store.

People could not be contained, and powerful people who wanted desperately to contain everyone, and everything feared the average person. They hated it. For there worst nightmare is now playing out here in the realms of the physical waking reality.

Back doors into peoples data largely precluded with the advent of alternatives to the cloud or other kinds of remote storage that just as effectively allowed people to switch nearly seamlessly between devices, then keep the data stored in a place protected even from those who sought to scan the chips from close by. No we can never eliminate some risk without giving some functionality, but the standard of doing things in such a way that any meaningful tracking is nearly impossible, while preserving peoples ability to use the functionality of the device that is what is important.

Many wanted in the early 21st century for technology to evolve in a direction that left people without privacy, and society to evolve in a direction that gave people no freedom, and denied them any kind of comfort or pleasure in life. 100 years later or so, those people got the exact opposite of what they wished for because a few people figured out how to move in a different direction, and to many people realized it was a better direction than the one offered to them by the powers that were.
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