A Vision for a Bright Future

It's the 21st century and in the year 2015 the internet had yet to reach it's fullest potential for commerce. In truth technology had yet to reach a level that would accommodate that potential.

Print on demand was a good start, so were 3d printers, and has anyone heard about these holographic systems that people have been working on? Sounds like the stuff of science fiction right? But at people are working on this as I type. Now imagine what all 3 together might look like.

So these things keep developing, don't ask me what year it is when it reaches this point but the holographic systems are finally so good that stores don't have to carry inventory, people can go to the store, try on anything someone wants to sell, patterns stored from years past, or this year if they like. Buck the trends if they want, follow them if that's what their into. Any color, altering the design it's a couple pushes of a button.

People at the stores don't stock shelf's they work on helping a customer get precisely the look they want, “V-neck? “Scope-neck?” “Another style?” “Some other color?” “Some other fabric?” “Some other pattern?” “Silk?” “Cotton?” “Can I see this in fleece?” You don't just see it modeled you wear it. You feel how it feels. You see how it really looks on you. “Yes, that's it.”

Save what you like to your cart. Get it truly custom made, before buying the rights to print up the pattern. Buy a pattern good for once, or a certain number of times, or just buy the licensee to use it for a life time, depending on what the best value is for you. When your done you can choose what in your cart to buy, what patterns you'd like to save for later, and what you'd like to do both with then make your purchase by having it printed up. People buy the materials separately from the pattern. Some go to shops that do this for them, some do it at home, some go to places where they can rent the use of a printer in the shop, especially for larger items where most people don't have 3d printers that can make that.

This isn't just for cloths. It works this way toys, blankets, books, accessories, you name it it's sold this way.

A person wants the perfect couch they go to one of these places where they can sit on the holographic couch and do some customization. Maybe they'd like it softer, maybe firmer, maybe a completely different kind of fabric, a different color. What about the lighting, is this really the lighting they need to think about, change that to see how it looks. Some places are really fancy they let you bring some pictures from your home and see how it would really look in a holographic simulation of your living room, or whatever room you'd like it in, “do you like those colors together?” even if you take the pictures at different times of day “Do you still like it in this light?” As the price for these holographic systems drops some people start to have them more and more commonly in their own homes rather than going out to a shop to use them.

Maybe there's a chance they want to make to the shape, the size, some places might offer that, some places might not. It's all about how much customization you want to do, and how much you want to spend on on the raw materials for it, but changing color/pattern even to something you designed yourself, the kind of fabric used, and firmness of the item is always standard. People save their patterns and check out is still done at the 3d printer.

Some shops give people a discount for letting them save a copy of the pattern to sell again later, because if one person liked it another might. Everything is much lower in cost, and so many people have so many more options available to them.

“Out of style? What's that? I thought the only thing that ever goes out of style is just not being yourself” say the children not even able to comprehend that people do anything else.

Shipping companies don't see the same business they used to because people buy things online then print them either at home or they use the 3d printer service shop in their local area. Of course some of those 3d printer service shops still offer shipping to peoples homes once somethings printed, and people still buy items through items that aren't printed up that way so they still see business from that. And someone has to deliver the raw materails to those who have 3d printers.

Simply place your order and have it sent to your house. Just point, click, and wait while it's either printed or shipped. People do that to, but waiting for shipping and a lack of customizable options is fast becoming virtually obsolete. Want to start an online business? Start up costs are lower than you'd believe, and it's eaiser than ever and the they make money when you make money so people don't have to pay up front fees is pretty standard.

Well at the start of the year 2015 this was just a sci-fi short based on the very real work that people had been doing with technology at the time, and one of my many hopes for the future, a version of events other than doom and gloom. I could rant and rave all day about what a bright future realy looks like but believe me that's probably it's own website, if I were even physically capable of typing it all in one life time. I for one see massive opportunities for not only me but many people in that future with the internet remaining the wild west of commerce. Then again science fiction often doesn't stay fiction.
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