Here are some fun facts about art and creativity 
that you might not have known before, please enjoy 
them, think about them.  And please be more 
creative in your own life.

Did you know that:

- Some people think that the artwork you
  create is a reflection of your subconscious mind

- The creative activities are not only fun they can 
  also have a positive influence on your health and 
  brain power

- Creativity isn't just for artists, singers, and writers, 
  creativity can also take the form of a new invention, an 
  new idea for a video game, someone making a new computer 
  program, decorating your house in a unique way, pretty 
  much anything original and unique took some creativity

- Some people think that creativity won't help them pay 
  the bills, but others like myself recognize that creativity 
  is an important quality in people looking to do well in life 
  because just being able to think outside the box might be 
  what sets you apart from somebody else in the work place, 
  and gets you that new job, that promotion, that pay raise 
  and it's certainly a primary requirement for starting your 
  own business

- There is in fact a brainwave associated with creativity

- Creativity is an important part of original thought and 
  helps you make your own choices independent of other 

- People who use their creativity in their jobs often find 
  their work more satisfying than people who don't

- Creativity and IQ have nothing to do with each other, you 
  can be a creative genius even if  you have almost no 

- Every person is capable of being creative (even if they 
  will never be a great artist), but some people are blocked 
  creatively(yes you can be creative too), even just drawing 
  a stick figure is creatively (your creative work being creative 
  has nothing to do with it being marketable)

- You don't need any excuse to draw a picture, write a book, make 
  a cute piece of jewelry, or make any piece of artwork other than 
  it's fun, all you need is the tools you want to use because 
  having fun is a good enough reason
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