Freedom and Creative Thought

“Thinking outside the box”, how many times have you heard that expression in relation to creative thought? Probably more times than you can remember.

Freedom when it comes to creativity comes in many forms. Giving yourself the freedom to be wrong and screw up whatever you're doing (especially if you are doing something so different that nobody has ever done it before). For those who'd prefer to know how the freedom in the outside world can influence creativity, then think about the fact that the United States of America is the place on earth with the most freedom (at least as of the moment I wrote this article) and is the place full of creativity. I always like to say if American's encounter a road block we invent our way around it.

Creativity expression can only take place in a situation where a person is either left alone unhindered by outside forces free to use their own creativity as they see fit, or willing to use their creative abilities at the risk of bringing the wrath of those outside forces upon themselves. So long as people are not permited to think outside the box creativity itself is surpressed or at least hidden.
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