Creativity...In Your Dreams...Litterailly

We've probably all dreamed of being more creative, but for many of us the last place we would think to look for our creativity is in our dreams. While some people might get caught up in misconceptions about this type of subject matter I want to be clear, I'm only refering to the dreams you have while you are sleeping with or without dream recall. Once you've got the idea you've got to act upon it if you want it to be worth anything (including the dream you had in which you came up with it). Ironicly while our dreams are the last place at least some of us would think to look for ideas, they are among the best places to look for creative ideas.

When you sleep you dream, and sometimes you can remember your dreams. But when a person dreams they're conisous mind, the part that controls emotions, or could inhibbit creativity is shut off. So when a person is dreaming they have the ulitmate chance to be creative. We've all heard of Mickey Mouse but what we might now be common knowledge is that numerous websites devoted to the subject of lucid dreaming have made the claim that Walt Diseny litterailly came up with Mickey Mouse in his sleep. I admit I don't know if that it true but I certainly find it very beleivable because while I am not a lucid dreamer there are several pictures on espdigiart.com that I actaully saw in my dreams before ever creating them in real life.

I've found it laughable that people think that vivid dreaming belongs listed under side effects of medications, or supplements, I say this as the person who has boiled clary sage oil in her bedroom for the express purpose of enhancing my own dream recall. To me there has always been something inheriently wrong with going to sleep and not remembering your dreams when you wake up.

The less dream recall I have the more I dread sleeping at night, and when you think about it, at some points even resenting the fact that I needed sleep. Shocking as that might seem it makes perfect sense because there was 8 plus hours out of my day I wasn't going to get back and I had a million things I would have rather been doing. I spend 8 plus hours asleep when I've got a problem that needs solving, or an idea for a picture or an article that I need to come up with and think about what happens. If I can remember my dreams sometimes I'll see something that helps me with my next article or picture in some way, but a no memeory of my dreams not a whole lot to be found there. Before I ever sat down and typed out this article I saw part of it in dream that I'd had within the previous week.

Dreams are just your subconious minds way of tring to tell you something, sometimes that something is even is what to draw, write, scuplt, invent or (insert creative outlet of choice here), or how to go about doing your creative work and seeing that much will shape the entire project to turn out better than anything your conious mind ever could have come up with. I've seen pictures that were half way or so through being drawn, and this article I can only remember seeing part of the third paragraph.

As amazing as this is (keeping in mind I did this without the ablity to lucid dream) there is an even more shocking thought I have for you. I've written about creative blockage in a previous article, and recommended that the one of the things a person do is make sure they are well rested. There are creative blockages that can be a result of an unexpressed emotion of some kind, and here's the kicker, that good night sleep that I recommended you get so you can have creative energy to start with can be used to release that unexpressed emotion by setting an intention as you go to sleep to release it. I've never used this for creative blocks but I've used it with unexpressed emotions such as greif and anger.

Some people can find dreams scarey, and they can be. I won't lie, I've had my share of dreams that filled with aleins, monsters, vampires, and other dangers (though in my dreams the aleins tend to be friendlier than the humans) even had the ocasional nightmare. And when you are dreaming the same part of the brain that inhibbits emotions and creativity is turned off your emotional experince will be more intense. The memory's from your dreams will be stored in the same part of the brain as the your memories from real life, and if you are willing to brave all that might be lurking in your subconious, and the intense emotional experince chances are you will find the rewards, both creativly and otherwise to be more than worth it.

A lot of people dream of being more creative, so if you are serious about being more creative why waste another night out cold with 8 hours of what amounts to a black out when getting more creative is so easy you can learn to litterailly do it in your sleep? Start learning how to look in your dreams to acheive your dreams.
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