Staying Creative Up to the End

I've heard from and read online that there are a large number of people who believe that the end of the world is here (or at least the end of the world as we know it). Personally I don't believe the world is going to end, change more than we can imagine in the foreseeable future absolutely. For those of us who believe that the world isn't going to end, just end as we know it creativity is going to continue to play an important role in the worlds past and future.

Going back as far as humanity creativity itself has been a survival skill, we had to figure out how to make tools somehow, and not just humans, some animals use and even create tools too. Creativity isn't unique to humans it may never have been. Beyond survival creativity is used to make the world we live in a more appealing place, be it by means of anything from using and displaying artwork, to simply adding some color to whatever the essentials are, to inventing the essentials, to even just improving on whatever all ready existed, to just entertaining people.

Creativity has played a larger number of important roles in humanity than I can list, and the modern world would not exist without creativity and all the innovations that come with it.

Now and on into the future, for those who believe the whole world ending things is less about the planet getting burned up by the sun or some other world ending event will taking place and more about the world ending as we know it and transforming into something else (personally I not only believe the world will transform in massive ways I believe that the average person won't notice the changes over night but the changes will be bigger and faster in the foreseeable future than humanity is used to hopefully for the better) creativity is going to play an important role going forward.

Taken to the extreme there are people in this world who believe that every individual have absolute power to create every aspect of the reality they live in (considering how often I've heard people say they couldn't make up stuff as half as crazy as whatever is going on in real life that's pretty creative). Okay to the average person the word extreme is no exaggeration, but there are great examples of this on smaller scale.

The artists of the world are more than capable of spreading messages to people in ways that will stick like nothing else, think of how easy it is for a TV show, an entertaining book, a single picture, or even a video game (granted creating video games might not count as art but I've programed a couple video games before and along with being a super fun thing to do that's a process that calls for amounts of creativity) are able to make incredibly powerful political statements, teach people something they didn't know before (or when abused can be very effective for brainwashing), or just make the world a more colorful and interesting place. That might not control the world but it's still some pretty big influences.

Here's another great example, we've all got that job we dream of. For most people it's probably not the one we are working at. The economy has been in crisis for the last several years and we all know, some of us have been able to find a way to bring in some income and other people have just been getting nowhere, maybe even given up on our dream jobs. Well if you want an important example of how people can use their creativity then dig deep forget what everyone else told you can do, and really know what you dream is. Every who ever started a business had to use their own creativity to create their dream job, and some (including myself) were surprised about how easy it was to not only create their job but their dream job.

It doesn't stop there but because of how long it would take to explain how many ways the average person with creates parts of their lives every day in very real tangible ways that don't even call for any powers that the average person will tell you aren't real.

Going forward humanity is going to find that creativity plays an important role in whatever comes in the future. We aren't done, it doesn't stop there. It doesn't matter if we want to make a political statement to keep people from going down the wrong path, create a better method for teaching people anything (from things as basic as ABC's and 123's things as advanced as quantum physics, calculus, how to run a business), or just make the world more colroful it's all going to require creativity and creative people to make it happen.

Getting in touch with your creative passion right now is going to be either a really fun way to spend the last day of earths existence, or a really great stepping stone towards whatever future you have this planet. If there is ever a wrong time to get in touch with your creative passion this certainly isn't it.

Written in late 2012 just days before people think the world is going to end.
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