Commuincating with the Second Voice

I've always said if artwork isn't beatiful it should at least make you think (preferable something other than “what the heck is that?”) and every artist is subject to misinterpretations of their artwork, it's just an ocupational hazard, and honestly if they've looked at it long enough and well enough to misinterpret it than I consider that it's own victory because that means I actaully made someone think. But when it comes to substance and style there is something not a lot of people might know.

I don't veiw art just as something beatiful (although at it's best artwork will be both beatiful and thought provoking), when I say do I need to draw you a picture to someone because verbal communcation seems to be failing it's not a retorical question if I can get my hands on the art supplies I actaully will draw them a picture. As some people reading this might know I consider my artwork to be my second voice, but what people might not know about it is that there is nothing stopping anyone from using their second voice, and more importantly using it to actaully communicate with other people.

For the most part verbal communcation does the job for people, and for them that's great. But for some people their first voice just isn't enough.

As a kid I had a great deal of information entering from the outside world and I was understanding it well enough to scare people at times. In general I was dealing with very complex ideas without the verbal skills to really express them, and somewhere in my childhood I figured out that I had a second voice I could use to express them. The end result is reguardless of style I learned to pull of substance better than I know.

That's not to say I know the interpretation of every picture the moment it's done, more often than not I just know I had fun drawing a picture. It's not unusaul for me to come back and realize what my second voice was trying to say anything from months to years later, and sometimes that's how long it takes me to see the horrible misinterpretions that some people might have.

The reason I'm telling you all of this is very simple, I know from first hand experince that the first voice isn't always enough, and sometimes people just simply need to use their second voice to get the point across. While I know verbal communcation is the standard the and it's that it can't always do the whole job. The fact is be it a statement people would just as soon show the world, or something that they consider to personal to show people artwork is another form of commuication.

Next time you are in a situation where you want to ask someone if you need to draw them a picture because they clearly aren't getting it don't ask it start meaning it. Grab a pen and paper and draw them a picture, use your second voice don't be shy about using your second voice to help commuincate things that your first voice isn't getting across.
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