Tutorail: Colorful Metal Texture

Sometimes a picture calls for something metal to be more than just grey scale, 
wheather you're drawing a car, a colorful interior (or even exterior) for a 
spaceship, or anything else where you want some colored metal there is a simple 
way to create that texture.

Things you'll need:

computer with graphics software (I use gimp)

your own creativity

1. Open a new file and fill in a layer

2. Create a new layer

3. Select the blend tool choose a gradient either black blended into white or 
   white blended into black

4. On the new layer appy the gradient

5. Lower the oppacity on the layer with the gradient (50% or so works most of 
   the time but depending on the picture you might need something higher or 

6. If you want the metal to apear to shine from a different angle then your 
   best option is to repeat step 4 until you are staisfied

You've now created a colorful metal texture to color in part of an outline you 
select the area you want to color in before steps 1 and 4
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