The Best Creative Process

People who aren't as creative as they'd like to be might start wondering if there is a way to jump start the creative process. Even people who are very creative and wish they were more creative or is learning from an instructor and doesn't understand that this already might take advice that doesn't work for them from someone that makes the problem worse. The most helpful thing I ever heard about what the best creative process was this:

No one creative process works for every person, some people like to have a vivid vision before they start drawing a picture with every detail already already in their mind. Other prefer to have a vague vision they know some details but need to make others up as they go along. Then there are those who really want to just sit down with no consious idea what they are going to do and just create.

Some people need to do their creative work with no pressure they need peace to create, give them a deadline and they're creative process will be blocked completely, keep those deadlines out of existance and they won't be able to stop creating. Then there are people who don't know how to create from a place of peace they need that pressure to spur them into action, they need those deadlines because without a deadline there is no pressure to keep creating. Then there are people who need to create from a place of peace but need deadlines to remind them that they need to spend time on their creative works.

Some people are driven to create out of pain and despair, other people create because it brings them joy.

No two people are alike, no two creative processes are going to be alike but all of the best creative processes have one thing in common that people sucessfully create using them. If you want to create more results feel free to experiment with different creative processes but use the creative process that results in you creating the most of your best creations.
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