Some Benefits of Owning Art

There are a lot of benefits to creating art of any kind. Benefits to one's health, benefits to one's brain power, benefits to a persons problem solving, the list is endless and that's before you go into to much detail. This is all great but it got me thinking about the benefits not just to the creators of the artwork but to the people who enjoy it. People must feel that their lives are enriched in some way by having artwork around otherwise nobody would buy the anything that's already been created right?

One of the most obvious ways that art enriches peoples lives is that it adds a bit of beauty into peoples lives, and can be used as part of personalizing your space. When I say personalize I don't mean that everything in your home, your office, your life is necessarily something you created that is in and of itself unique to you, but that everything in your space over all when combined reflects you and your inner world. It doesn't matter what you are into chances are you'd like to seem images of things you love, or things that capture your imagination in some way. That space you are personalizing to meet your needs is the place you have to live in, work in, spend time in it, you may as well enjoy it.

I've actually heard of people using artwork to personalize their space by starting with a particular piece of artwork and then using it as the basis for their decorative choices from there. Certainly food for thought for anyone who is thinking about having to furnish or decorate a home or part of a home. On the other hand if you've got a theme in mind (or if you are like me maybe elements of 2 or 3 themes and maybe more that when put together turn out really great and really force you to truly make the over all look your own) then a piece of artwork might just be part of taking that theme and running with it.

Art can also do wonders to influence a persons mood. More than a persons mood a piece of artwork in a room can cause the whole mood of the room to change just like putting some music on can change the whole mood of a room the right piece of artwork can change the mood of a whole room.

Actually I've been doing a lot of research on this topic of how color in particular can change the mood of a person or a whole room on and off for the last couple of years. Simply adding a bit of color (something displaying artwork can help facilitate) can really change a persons mood in ways that are subtle in the short term and over time may well become more pounced. There are a lot of skeptics out there about the issue of how color can effect a persons health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, long term, and short term) and their skepticism is of course understandable, but people who believe it won't have a meaningful impact will probably have a hard time arguing that a little beauty can hurt anyone, and people who believe strongly that it can have a big influence will probably read this and wonder how they can add more color into their lives.

It doesn't matter if it's on your wall, your t-shirt, your coffee mug, or sitting on your sitting on your coffee table or being used to as a cover for your favorite electronic, a bit of artwork is a simple way to add a bit of fun to your life, and a great way to set a mood for yourself and your home.

What about an investment piece? Have you ever heard of people buying paintings, sculptures, or other kinds of artwork as investment pieces.

Since I'm a digital artist and my artwork can be copied effortlessly an infinite number of times the value of my artwork is in making it as widely available in the market place as possible. Chances are the only way someone will every buy my artwork as an investment piece is probably if they buy the copyrights, but for anyone who's wondering I'm planing on continuing to own those through my whole life. More to the point is that professional artists like painters, sculptors, etc. are just the opposite, the value of their artwork is that it can't be easily copied, and they can only produce so many originals in one life time (I'm assuming nobody here know of any artists who have turned immortal), and the end result is that after the artist dies they're work will be worth more if you decide to sell it at that time.

Think about every place you've gone in the last day, week, month, year even, how many of them had some art displayed somewhere? Chances are that unless you live in a home where the décor is truly minimalist and you never leave the house almost everywhere you've been has had some art somewhere, if you count the art used in things like adds and logos that might be all over the merchandise in a store then maybe even everywhere, and given everything art can add to peoples lives it's no wonder.
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