Ocupational Hazards of All Artists

You can't avoid risk without avoiding life. We've all heard of ocupational hazards, and we'd probably all like to think that there is such a thing as an ocupation without ocupational hazards, never mind the fact that I happen to know that people who sit all day at a key board processing documents, or programing comptuers are at risk for carple tunnel. You'd think that's a low risk ocupation espeacailly when you compare that to the risks involved with ocupations like training large animals, a horse might throw you on the ground and injury you in the process, never mind the person training lions, tigers, bears where getting attacked by the large animal is an ocupational hazard. Anyone working with power tools could end up injuring themselves with those tools if they are not paying close enough attention. Every ocupation has it's hazards.

Artists are no expection, some of the ocupational hazards that artists face are:

1. People might not like your artwork

2. Creative blockage can stop your work anytime, in some cases 
   without notice

3. People might not only dislike your artwork they might criticize it 

4. Your artwork might not sell regaurdless of how well you market it

5. People might not have any respect for the fact that you are making 
   an honest living

6. People will misinterpret your artwork regaurdless of what you say 
   or don't say about your artwork

7. People may refuse to believe an acurate inperpretation of your 
   artwork if it is offered
Of course these are just some of the universal ocupational hazards artists will face and for that matter anyone who uses creativity in their work. A painter is going to be at risk for different things than a digital artist, someone who works with colored penciles, or scuplters. A visual artist will will have different risks than a preforming artist, an author, or musicaion.

Before you show your artwork to anyone it's worth asking yourself I'm a prepared for these hazards? There is nothing wrong with keeping your artwork to yourself, you enjoyed creating it nobody said you can't keep enjoying it after the creative process is finished.
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