Tutorial: Coloring in a Person or Animal

Not every picture calls for this level of detail, but when I work with outlines 
there is more than just filling parts of the outline with the appropriate color.  
So I am going to start with the basics for a person or animal.

you will need:

a digitized outline that is ready for further work

a computer

graphics software

a graphic tablet and stylus (optional but recommended)

your own creativity

1. Start with a new layer for the color

2. On the layer with the outline select every part of the image you want to 
bucket fill with one particular color

3. Fill in that area on the layer intended for color

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until everything you intend to fill in is filled 
skipping over anything you intend to be sheer fabric but filling in anything 
that will be under the sheer fabric.

5. Create another layer using the paint brush pencil or air brush just fill 
in areas that you intend to darken as though you were hand drawing part of 
it, you can also use white to brighten some areas

6. Next you need to do one of 2 things, either adjust the opacity or switch 
the mode on this layer to overlay.  Overlay does the job most of the time, 
but some colors won't show the part that has been darkened well so that's 
when I recommend using a very low opacity for this layer

Creating sheer fabric

This is surprisingly easy effect.

1. create a new layer above the existing ones that will then use the same 
method explained above to fill in the areas you want to as sheer fabric 
remember to fill these areas even if they have already been filled by 
another color

2. Once you've done that adjust the opacity, a lower opacity creates the 
effect of sheer fabric

3. if you have 2 pieces of sheer fabric that overlap put them on 
different layers in this process, remember which layer is above 
does matter for this, if 2 overlap the one I want to appear to 
be over the top of the other must be the higher layer.

If it sounds easy then good I find I spend more time on the shading than 
anything else, but it's worth the results.  I hope you have some fun with this.
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